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Why choose CPS from Fonehouse Business

Taking advantage of Carrier Pre – Select (CPS) will allow Fonehouse Business to automatically re-route your outbound business calls to an alternative lower cost carrier.

When transferring your business call traffic to us, there is no need to change your phone numbers and all calls are routed automatically. This means no longer will you need to enter a prefix before you dial or have hardware installed on site. With Fonehouse Business, you can also opt to transfer your business line rentals to us so that you receive one-bill solution for both your business line rental and business call charges.

Benefit from a range of competitively-priced call plans for UK, mobile and business calls to suit individual business requirements. Our Outbound call services can be combined to include phone line rental and other related services to provide one bill from one provider.

Although Outbound calls are similar from provider to provider, Fonehouse Business does have a number of unique advantages.

Firstly our calls are carbon neutral, whereby the power consumption is offset. Secondly, we can bill and analyse calls right down to individual DDIs on a per extension basis. Finally, we have in place a number of sophisticated fraud protection tools that ensure, should your service be abused, that we can quickly identify abnormal calling patterns and let you know before you incur huge costs for international calling scams, for example.

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